My Top 5 favourite Japanese Youtubers

I have been following some Japanese youtubers for a while now, and I think it’s time to share my favourite lifestyle channel right from Japan –no worries, you won’t have to learn Japanese. Most include subtitles or none at all because they don’t even speak; they just do & show. I think it’s brilliant. Here are my top 5 favourite Japanese youtubers:

1. Tobalog by Tsuneaki Toba

Tobalog was the first Japanese youtube channel I subscribed to; Toba talks about technology and he curates objects and items that are worth looking at either because quality, functionality, design or all those features in one.

2. Monograph by Hiroguchi Hidetaka

Hiroguchi shares videos about technology and lifetyle, too. But unlike Toba, he talks about technology as a medium rather than an goal. He is quite passionate about botanics and he will often show his plants, pots and little green friends.

I also like that, like me, he has a flexible phone he can fold close (didn’t you know? I am a proud user of a Galaxy Z Flip4!).

3. Miku

I absolutely love the concept Miku brings with her channel. Miku now lives in Tokyo were she’s working to kickstart her own candle brand, but she lived with her husband in Taipei, too. She shares her daily life, what she eats, her routines, skin care, curated garments & objects without speaking a word –everything is described on the subtitle. Beautifully filmed and edited.

I find her channel very relaxing.

4. Nao in the Studio by Nao

I discovered Nao’s channel very recently and I like her eye for interior design. You will see her often lighting up palo santo away from her cats. Similarly to Miku, Nao rarely speaks. However, everything is described with English subtitles, too.

5. Hige & Me

This is my latest discovery –for real, I just subscribed to their channel last night–, and I’m already in love with their content. This couple now living in Kanto used to live in London and they are both designers (Product Designers if I’m not mistaken?). The shares videos of their daily lives, fashion, food & trips.

Have you made any interesting discoveries? Do you know any similar channels from other countries? I would LOVE to discovery more channels like these –they are beautifully produced and I even find them relaxing.