Mediterranean Lifestyle

I recently came back from holidays in Mallorca and I have been daydreaming of buying a property in the Balearic island and moving back to Spain ever since. I think that quite summarises how delightful my time there was – I rested, I ate great food, I read, I was inspired and I bathed in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea (I am indeed Mediterranean myself).

The Food – Sobrasada Connoisseur

Last time I visited Spain –properly– was for Christmas to visit my family and spend the winter holidays there (I will talk about how it’s Christmas when it’s 20º C outdoors!), so I didn’t have the chance to eat good food until last week realistically. I had plenty of tasty and fresh fish whilst in Mallorca; cod, dorada, tuna fillets, even a full squid.

Shot of huevos rotos (baked potatoes with iberico Jason and a fried egg on top). There is also some olives in a small plate and bread cutter in loafs.
Huevos Rotos & olives at Bar Espanya in Palma
Dish of three pork steaks topped with sobrasada crust and a bit of curly lettuce sprouts on top.
Pork steaks with sobrasada crust at Restaurant Es Molí
Fresh salad of tiny pieces of tomato, bell pepper and tuna. It looks refreshing for the summer heat.
Refreshing salad at Es Molí

Posh Mediterranean Lifestyle

One of the best things about Mallorca is that you can sense the posh Mediterranean lifestyle almost anywhere in the island as long as you avoid some key hotspots for Brits and Germans. Not only Palma is filled with wealthy people but you can enjoy good lifestyle in villages like Santanyí, Valldemossa or Cala d’Or. Beautiful restaurants, cafés and incredible shops & boutiques with nice handmade objects.

Views from the beach café at Cala d’Or

I took a lot of pictures during my holidays and I already posted some on my personal Instagram. I loved to be able to wear nice outfits I don’t get to wear in London due to the weather and complete lack of summer vibes.

The Sea – Crystal Clear

People who know me well know I’m always cold when bathing in the sea. It doesn’t matter if it’s July and it’s 36º C – I will be cold. Well, that wasn’t quite the case this year. I could perfectly swim in the sea, dive and splash my partner & friends. I loved how transparent and clear the water was. I jumped from the rocks to the sea in multiple occasions de haut and I could seethe bottom of the sea easily (~5m deep). If you like me freak out with jellyfish and seaweed, and what you can’t get to see underwater, Mallorca is your place; you can see everything if there was anything to see in the first place. I’m telling you: crystal clear.

Picture of crystal clear water at the see in Mallorca. Complete transparent.
Clear warm waters of Cala d’Or
Picture of the see near the beach with a sailing boat docked to the bottom of the sea. People resting on the boat.

I think I am now fully charged and I can retake my side hustle and get back to coding again! I’m currently working on a new update for Bookshelf that will leverage the Google Books API to retrieve info from their catalogue to make adding and managing books and bookshelves easier. Stay tuned!