London Diaries: Relaxing Weekend.

I had a long weekend to celebrate the worldwide release of Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet –I got Pokémon Violet, which one did you get?– so I spent most part of the day on Friday playing the game with some friends online. It was pretty fun.

I also attended to a tech event where I met other software engineers and full-stack developers (there are so many Javascript goers!), but also some cool tech companies –I might even volunteer for a registered charity that is developing mobile apps for their charity work.

This is what I like to do lately during my weekends; I like to have easy plans really invest time on myself and do things that fuel my soul. On Saturday for example, I woke up rather early and prepared crêpes au nutella and a nice cup of coffee with plenty of froth on top, and after breakfast, I dressed up and headed to King’s Cross because it was sunny; I popped in the Samsung KX store in Coal Drops Yard to check their Pro laptops as I might need to upgrade my machine in two or three months so I just checked what’s out there. After Samsung, I grabbed a delicious coffee at Axe Coffee –a van parked in the middle of CDY. The barista was playing really cool music and he was lifting everyone’s mood. The coffee was delicious, of course.

The back of a van is open and there is a coffee machine and other gadgets to prepare coffee.
A hand holding a paper cup of coffee. Outdoor setting.

Then I stopped by Roseur where I finally saw the perfect vase; I have been looking for a bold orange-pink colour vase for months and I found it by pure luck. It was a bit more expensive than I would’ve liked to pay, but I was so excited to finally have found a vase I like that I ended up purchasing it –It looks really cool on top of the chimney:

Wavy base that you can separate to have two vases.

They really had beautiful vases and very nice preserved flowers at their flower shop –the staff is very friendly too.

Different bouquets of preserved flowers.
Stand with homemade paper postcards with dried flowers attached to them.
shelf with different small vases made of glass

In the evening, I went to a Chinese supermarket to buy noodles, different sauces, pork jiaozi, beer, diced beef and some fresh veggies to prepare some nice soup and stir fry noodles –I prepared so much food that I have leftovers in the fridge now.

Sunday was even more relaxing that Saturday; another sweet and slow weekend breakfast. My partner and I had sweet bread from a nice Polish bakery in Tooting. We bought the bun many days ago so we had it frozen and just defrost it on Saturday night. It was very delicious; I added a spoon of apricot jam on top of the sweet bread and enjoyed it with a hot coffee.

After we had our breakfast, I left home to go for a stroll in the neighbourhood as it was sunny and forecast alerted of a cloudy and even rainy afternoon. I stopped in different places during my stroll –the first was in a local shop to buy charity Christmas cards I will send to my family in a few days. Then I went to Clapham South to grab a caramel latte from my favourite quiet Starbucks that only locals visit because it’s far from the tube station and from there I went on a long walk until I came back home through the park where I saw a nice friendly doggo and retired men sailing their sailboats in the lake. When I got home I played some more videogames and studied a bit (because I am always reading or studying something!). I can say I had a really nice weekend and whether I can’t say what I will do next weekend, I will go prepare a hot bubble bath to squeeze the last enjoyable minutes of this weekend before Monday.

Toy sailboat sailing on a small lake in a park

I also saw an antique shop that was decorated with Christmas ornaments. I like seeing these things because Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year!

Antique shop with Christmas decor

I hope everyone will have a nice week ahead!