I have been sick, but I enjoyed my time.

Well, I have been a bit sick, I’m not going to lie –nothing serious though, just a heavy cold that got topped up by a rather unusual summer hay fever. I’m still recover and actually staying at hope helps.

Anyways, I just wanted to share some updates of recent events; I was in Canterbury during the Platinum Jubilee weekend and I had a great time with my friends and the weather was unbeatable.

I came back to London that same Saturday in the evening and I really wanted to regardless I had a great time; I started to feel unwell and that was 10 days ago as I type these lines. I did a quick stop in Coal Drop Yard as my train to King’s Cross (KX as the locals write it?) was very fast and I wondered about for a fit –the views from Samsung KX are just wow (picture below)! I also had a bit of time to play with the Samsung Z Flip3, and I’m pretty sure now I will get the next model when it comes out. It would be, and as someone who codes in Kotlin and build Android apps, shocking but that would make my first Android device to ever own. That phone is really stylish and unique – I can definitely rock an Android phone if the ‘shell’ is that pretty.

Views of Coal Drop Yard from Samsung KX

I also discovered a my new favourite coffee shop in Central London. It’s called Level Bike + Beans and it’s at Rothbone Place. They offer natural and organic drinks & food with very cool vibes. I liked that you can fill out a simple webform and generates a passbook that you can keep on your phone and that’s the stamp card! That’s environmentally friendly and probably the only stamp card I won’t lose.

Drinking and iced latte out at Level Bike + Beans
Natural juices and yoghourts sold at the coffee shop.

I hope you had a great time during the Platinum Jubilee weekend and I hope to recover myself very soon, too!