Bookshelf – An app for those who love reading.

Let’s start explaining why I began coding Bookshelf; I wanted to start a project to test my knowledge on mobile development and I wanted to create an Android app I would use, but I didn’t know what kind of app to do. I did think of it a lot and came up with the idea of a bookclub management app where users would be able to create bookclubs, manage these clubs and add other users to coordinate the book discussion date or voting the next book to read.

Then I simplified the idea for the MVP version of the app, creating a digital bookmark app (which I later called Bookshelf) to enable users to simply add their current readings to a bookshelf, and to update –bookmark– their reading progress.

At As per present day when I’m writing this post, Bookshelf doesn’t allow users to login to backup their data as the database that keep all the information is in the app (SQLite with Room), but I do plan to add user accounts and signups via Firebase to no one will lose their progress. Also, the app is only available in English.

Next update includes support for more languages (Spanish, French, Italian and Catalan) and minor UI improvements and bug fixes. The following update though will be bigger, and will in fact include user accounts. I could talk about the roadmap for the app –because I do have one in mind–, but the next big update of Bookshelf will be adding the Bookclub system in the app.

Anyways, I will keep you posted with the news and if you wish to download Bookshelf, please find the app on the Play Store here.