Whilst I was away

Hello all! I’m back after a two months break –I’ve been incredibly busy lately with work and, being honest, it’s superb weather in London at the moment I spend little time now to write! Anyways, I’m back to keep you updated with what was going on in my life: I have booked my holidays and I’m flying to Ibiza in early September! I also spent a lovely day at Pride in London and I have visited many charming little villages around London lately, too. For those that follow me on Instagram, this won’t be new news so if you don’t want to miss any pic at all, follow me on Instagram now!

I leave you some pictures I have posted on Instagram since the last blog post:

Last weekend was the Pride in London parade and excluding the fact that it was extremely hot and crowded, it was such a fun and friendly event to attend! #lovewins

I (as usual) did some shopping lately and I will keep you posted with further outfits and stuff I have purchased. Yay! Also, I visited Rye very quickly as it was on my way to the sandy beach! Okay, I must confess that I come from Elche where we have amazing beaches so I wasn’t really impressed:


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