Visiting Kew Gardens

There was a place I was craving to visit in South West London for years and I have finally ticked that box in my to-do list on Todoist: I have finally visiting The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, «Kew Gardens» for everyone else who wants to get rid off the frills yet I would call it Queue Gardens; there was A LOT of people queueing to get it.

The most instagram-friendly part of the gardens are obviously the greehouses, but you better be ready as you need to take many pictures as possible under 20 minutes because your foundation starts melting like cheese. Also, to make the most of the experience, you should go as early as possible to avoid the horde of Chinese tourist wandering around trying to so exactly what I was trying to do: getting that perfect shot.

Visiting Kew Gardens is like playing Jumanji

The upper floor of the Temperate House is extremely hot and humid but the views were utterly beautiful and I really felt like living a true Jumanji dream.

Something we also were looking for to see where the carnivorous plants and we found them! Unfortunately for us we couldn’t see them in action having a feast.

The outdoors

Kew Gardens isn’t just the Temperate House and the Treetop Walkway (which by the way, it balances a lot!) but the beautiful outdoors you can explore; I walked for around 3h and left Kew with many things on my list still pending to be visited and checked. I can at least say I explored some parts and felt in love of its nature, flowers, plants, frees and cacti. I’m already counting the days to come back.


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