I would like you to tell you why a guy who’s almost 30 years old decided to go back to uni to study Software Development, but I want to introduce myself first: my name is Christian Cano and I’m a Business Developer Manager working in International Education since I arrived in the UK five years ago –I’ve grown a lot professionally and gained an interesting set of skills.

I always dreamt of learning how to code but I chose to study Linguistics back in Spain as I was good at language, but terrible in mathematics. These thoughts of “You should’ve studied computer science, Chris!” or “Why didn’t you do a boot camp when you were 20?!” came back and forth until recently.

A Global Pandemic that changed it all

This is what happened; I was coming back from a business trip from Bogota and following the news: there was a massive outbreak of Covid-19, the virus that originated in Wuhan in north Italy and it was spreading fast across Europe. I arrived to London and we started working from home and eventually got furloughed so instead of wasting my time playing Animal Crossing (I played Animal Crossing too, don’t get me wrong), I decided to learn a new skill that had nothing to do with my professional life: it was the perfect timing to learn to code.

I did some research and decided to buy a full course on Udemy.com to learn to code with Swift 5.2 from complete beginner to professional. I think I did the right thing; I loved it.

I chose Swift because I though I could test my projects on my own phone or Apple Watch but also because plenty of sites said Swift was a very easy to learn language along with Python.

How I ended up enrolling in a university to study Software Development

I finished my Swift development course around June and then I investigated what to do next; during the course I had doubts about Back End, how to build projects in depth, how to code video games, etc. So decided to look for boot camps that would help me push my little knowledge beyond but I only found out that they requiere full time study and I was told to come back to work at some point so I wasn’t able to commit to this –not to mention the price of boot camps in London…

Then I considered to enrol in an online uni but fees were very hight and I would achieve the same goal in 4 years instead of three months.

I ended up doing something more complicated but more affordable keeping in mind my limited budget due to the furlough: enrolling in an online university in Spain. I requested information to different universities but I finally chose to become a student in Alfonso X El Sabio University. It offers a standard curriculum in Software Development but the syllabus includes Video Games Development (using Unity engine) and a MERN Full Stack Bootcamp delivered by GeeksHub Academy.

I’m enjoying my journey to become a software developer and I can’t wait to share all my progress here with you.

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