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“Morriña” is the perfect word to describe how someone might feel when far from the home country or even their hometown; it is something like “homesick” but you also might miss your town’s people, food or lifestyle. I felt very nostalgic last Saturday and I had morriña, so I unlocked my phone and booked a table in my favourite Spanish restaurant to have an exquisite lunch; Brindisa.

Morriña. from Gallician-Portuguese morrinha.

(n) Sadness or melancholy, especially when missing the hometown.

DRAE (Diccionario de la Real Academia Española)

I visited Brindisa many times before in South Kensington and I always walked out with a smile in my face after having delicious gambas al ajillo, pulpo a la gallega or tortilla de patatas. So when I discovered they opened a new Tapas Brindisa in Shoreditch with an amazing terrace, I didn’t doubt for a second and booked a table (yeap, I’m not subscribed to their newsletter so I won’t miss next opening in Battersea in autumn!). 


Brindisa never disappoints

As usual, the services was flawless; fast, the staff was kind and friendly and above everything, something I really appreciate; they weren’t pushy. They brought the food quite quick (disclaimer; tortilla de patatas must be cooked way beforehand as it takes a lot of time. Good news? It always tastes better a couple of hours later. You just need to heat a bit and serve!).


Tapas Brindisa is the best place you can have tortilla de patatas in London

I have had tortilla de patatas in different restaurants across London and I must say that my favourite so far is Brindisa’s. It is thick, it has onion in such perfect proportion that you can eat a piece of it without even notice it! And trust me, this is a key matter as Spain is divided into two teams: Onion-Goers and Nonions. 

This tortilla is not dried but it isn’t a shapeless liquid omelette either –really, I cannot understand how in the world can people eat those…–; it is just PERFECT.



I was quite hungry when I arrived to I probably order more food than I actually can eat so I could have rolled out from the taparía if I wished to, but I regret nothing. I order some of my favourites: pulpo a la gallega (Galician style octopus) and tortilla de patatas (potato omelette) with some pan de pincel (toasted bread with herbs, olive oil & garlic). Yes, you guessed right; you can have all this with a cold refreshing glass of sangría –I will write later how to prepare a great jar of sangría!–. If you go to Tapas Brindisa, you shouldn’t miss gambas al ajillo (fried prawns with chilli, garlic and olive oil. Om nom!) or escalivada.

You can find Tapas Brindisa in Shoreditch at 152 Curtain Rd, London, EC2A 3AT.

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