My favourites of February

I can’t deny that I love getting products to try them and to enjoy them –and I get things pretty often. So I have decided to sum up a bit what products I bought last month and that I love:

  1. Mindfulness Wellbeing mist spray by Audrey & Lewis
  2. Monocle magazine
  3. Paperchase gift wrap
  4. Faux suede bomber jacket by Zara

I  spray the Mindfulness Wellbeing mist spray in my pillows and sheets quite often so I go to bed with a really nice fragrance to sleep relaxed and to wake up with a new mindset –I really recommend to get one of the different mist sprays by Audrey & Lewis.

If you live in a big city like London is, you probably know a nightmare called “Commuting”. Lots of people travel from home to work and then back five days a week spending hours and hours of their lives -I usually play some music or read; one of my favourite reads is Monocle. I would like to high light that the March issue is simply fantastic!

I also have many events and birthday parties in late February and March so when I saw this high quality gift wrap paper with gold details I couldn’t help but get it for a present I had in mind. The best thing is that you can actually match it with a huge selection of satin ribbons and cards.

Most of you will probably know that I love shopping and I get new clothes every month –the star on my wardrobe in February was a sensational faux suede bomber jacket in honey tan colour –I will post pictures as the kind-of-nice weather comes to the UK!



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