Look to Rock the Forest

One of the most beautiful green areas I have seen since I live in the UK is New Forest National Park; a true fairytale-like forest that it’s worth the stop to take pictures. I was extremely lucky to get there during the golden hour on a sunny day –I took my Ace & Tate sunglasses and rocked the look with a jean jacket by Forever 21, a shirt from Zara and my super comfy trousers from Asos.

horses roaming free

The only way I could make this outfit and day trip happen was with my Clarks leather shoes because they are suuuuper light and comfortable. Oh my god, you cannot even imagine how important is to wear light shoes when you spend the whole day outside!

man fashion running new forest

Bonus: I’m scared to be near horses! I’m fine when they are on the other side of the boundary but I don’t do well when they are on my side!

Shirt – ZARA

Jacket – FOREVER 21

Trousers – ASOS

Shoes – CLARKS

Sunnies – ACE & TATE

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