La Colmada

There were so many things I missed from the Spanish cuisine and one of them was having nice cheese and wine in a quite but trendy place. Luckily I could fulfill this desire going to La Colmada deli in Madrid to enjoy nice and awesome value-for-money cheese, saucisson and a spectacular glass of Rioja wine.

la colmada madrid monocle food

What I loved from the place is its concept of deli store / gastro bar. As soon as we got in, a member of the staff explained to us the concept of La Colmada; you can order anything from the main menu or you can take anything from the selves and have in right in the place. Basically is like eating and drinking in a corner shop –dreams come true.

Funny thing? Whilst having a great tabla de quesos (cheese board) with wine, the guys from Monocle shown up to interview the guys running La Colmada and they took pictures too –I will be shortly be appearing in Monocle if they publish the pictures they took of us. I will keep you posted.

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La Colmada

C/ Espíritu Santo 19




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