Holidays in Ibiza; Cala Llonga

I spent one week in Ibiza with my partner and friends after a hectic summer in London; we made the decision of travelling in September because it would be less busy and we did well because we have an amazing summer here in the city so we could enjoy all the options London can offer and then travel to extend our summer. We packed our shorts and swimming trunks, sunglasses and books to spend one week in Cala Llonga just to sunbathe, relax and eat delicious Spanish food.

Clear water in Ibiza

Chris blocking the sun in Ibiza

Man posing in harbour clear water Ibiza 2

I can´t deny I got a beautiful tan after one week: I just sunbathed, swam and took naps between meals. I didn’t gain any weight (I still don’t know how, so do not ask!).

I found this cool hat in a small shop on my way to the castle on the mountaintop!

I fell in love with the old Ibiza town and its charming streets.

Ibiza is not just the beach; our hotel had an amazing swimming pool and it was where I spent most of the time! Confession: I’m super scared of touching seaweed and it really disgusts me! Not to mention jellyfishes… Swimming pools are always the safest bet!

I know, I know; it would’ve been a crime to swim in the sea so I when a couple of times to try the clean water of the Mediterranean see!

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