How I spent an extra day off


My nine to five job is quite hectic and during the summer period the office is like defending your country in the battlefield so after a very long period, I took one day off at work to have a long weekend just to rest and invest time on myself. Some colleagues asked me what my plans for the weekend were and we were surprised when I told them that my only plans were to have time to go to the supermarket to buy food, do laundry, go to the gym and have lunch with a friend –all avoiding queues, crowded places. I guess they thought I would travel somewhere in the UK for a #citybreak.

It is not just work but also London; these two things make me (and everyone else here) to live in a very fast-paced rhythm. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining and I love living in London but sometimes I just want to go to the supermarket and not to feel like I’m running a marathon to get the last organic tomatoes in the vine.

Morning routine

In previous posts, Carol described her daily routine and important this was as she works from home as a translator. She told what how she prepares herself not only physically but mentally for a long day at work. I want today to tell you how my usual morning routine is on weekends when I take time for myself:


I wake up early; even if I didn’t want to, I can’t help but waking up early every day as my body got used to it (in the weekdays I wake up at 6 am as I go to the gym before starting my work hours). I wake up without any alarm something between 7:30 am and 9 am, but I never leave the bed at quick (Never on the weekends!) so I just stay a bit longer checking my phone, reading a bit or simply doing nothing. After I’m up to date or simple mentally ready to start kicking off, I change my clothes (I only wear pyjamas to sleep, otherwise I wear clothes I can use to go out) and go downstairs to prepare breakfast. I always prepare coffee, golden syrup porridge and eat some fruit (usually a banana) but on weekends I love to prepare some eggs and toast some seeded bread to prepare avocados on a toast. This big breakfast is perfect to fuel me up and provides plenty of stamina to be charged until late lunch. Funny fact, from Monday to Friday I always have my lunch at 12 pm but on the weekends, I become 100% Spanish and I have my lunch somewhere between 2 pm and 4 pm. Not kidding.


I’m not going to lie but after I prepare my breakfast, I love having it whilst I read the news, blogs I follow –I only stay in bed around 20 minutes from the moment I open my eyes after all– or check videos of some of my favourite YouTube channels. Once I’m done with my breakfast and I have done the dishes, I play some music and select the outfit I’m going to wear; if you are reading this post and you live in a European country, you will probably know that we have had a criminal heat wave for several weeks in a row and, even in London, we sweated big time. However, last Friday temperatures dropped and rained most of the day (that’s the London I know!) so wore my Stan Smith trainers by Adidas, cropped navy blue trousers and a thin light beige cotton turtleneck jumper I bought last winter in Zara.

I went to Shoreditch to have lunch at Albion Café –it is very, very close to Shoreditch High Street Station. Albion is actually a very interesting concept as merges a café, bar & grocery with real crunchy European-quality bread among other perks (Seriously, what’s the matter with bread in this country?).



The food there is amazing and very delicious. I ordered beer battered fish & chips that was stunning and the portion was bigger than me. I really recommend to have lunch in Albion but don’t be surprised if the service is slow. After having lunch, I simply had a coffee and came back home to read and watch something on Netflix before leaving home to go to Hackney for a pint of cider in the evening.





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