Holidays in Procida, Italy

Summer holidays are one of the main events of the year for us: living in a cold country makes you aware of how lucky we were back at warm Spain –and Carol’s case is even worst as she leaves in Sweden!

This year I went to Procida and Naples (no worries, there will be another post about the city) and the average experience was great: we booked our accommodation at Villa Mazzella and it was a golden star for us –they treated us as kings! Our only plans in the island were going to the beach in the morning and in the afternoon; we worked hard for the tan. We stayed 5 days in Procida but in my humble opinion, I think 2 days is more than enough and there are better beach places in the Mediterranean sea.

Southern Italy, a spot for foodies and pizza & pasta lovers

If you want to have the best pizza in Procida, do not hesitate and head yourself to Fuego in the Fisherman Pier where you can find all the restaurants of the island. Price range goes from 4€ for a pizza to 25€ for a grilled fish dish pretty much in all restaurantes. If you want to eat for cheap in the island, go to Pizzeria Fuego.

Heads up

One of the things that were rare for us is that in such a small island we were the only ones using our legs to walk. Everybody is so used to ride motorbikes, tiny cars or hope on the different bus lines available. By the way, the bus ticket is 2€ –even more expensive that here in London! Moreover, locals don’t pay the bus rides and we did… That’s not nice.

Pizzeria Fuego

What: Restaurant

Where: Procida, Italy

Must: Pizza Napolitana

Price: €

Villa Mazzella

What: Accommodation

Where: Procida

Best: Convenient to go to beaches, amazing included breakfast.

Price: €€€






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