Edinburgh photo diary

Following with my recent post about where to eat in Edinburgh, I want to tell you now what to visit or see in the Scottish city. In our first day in the city, we visited the Calton Hill as our hotel was very close. Luckily for us, that Sunday was actually kind of sunny and we could take nice pictures from the top of the hill before going to lunch at one of the many places to got our bellies topped up.

One of the areas we enjoyed the most was Victoria Street –did anyone say Diagon Alley? To be honest, that’s the feeling I had when walking the street; you can feel that JK Rowling got some inspiration in that street to picture the most know commercial alley in Harry Potter’s books saga. You can find a few souvenirs shops and Harry Potter-related merchandising stores, too.

Unfortunately on the following day, it snowed, it rained and the wind blew cold, but we were ready so planned all our indoors activities to visit the Museum of Scotland –which embraces natural light even when outside is cloudy and stormy. Such amazing building!–, the Children Museum and many Closes.

Edinburgh is a great city to explore its old and mysterious streets and so we did; we decided to book the Hunted History Bus tour. We had such a laugh! The bus tour takes one hour and while riding it, the funny guide explains all the dark history of Edinburgh –you would freak out how gloomy the history of the city actually is!– and I couldn’t even imagine how many things I missed walking the streets, like Greyfriars Bobby sculpture! It is located right at the beginning of Victoria Street and I didn’t even notice. On top of that, there is a pub named after the dog! If you want to know more about this, you should book the tours because is hilarious and a very good way to know the city a bit better.

It was very funny because it was pretty bright but cloudy and cold at the same time. Therefore I was wearing a strange outfit; light trousers from Pull & Bear, orange pullover Uniqlo and poncho from Uniqlo. Sunnies by Rayban.

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