Discover Brussels in One Day

You might not be aware (or you actually are if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter), but I love city breaks and short getaways when possible –and I try to make to doable as possible, so when I was proposed to go to Brussels for a day trip I obviously said “yes!”: I woke up very early on Saturday to head to St Pancras Station to get the first Eurostar train to the capital of Belgium.

We explored the old town and got lost on its streets. Obviously we didn’t miss the change to try waffles (Must eat!!) at Vitalgaufre, delicious author food and local wine and beer. After gathering energy, we headed to the discover the flea market and the antique shops.

Have a pint of Jambe de Bois at De Marken Café

After being awaken and walking for several hours, I found a lovely spot in a local terrace to drink a refreshing pint of Jambe de Bois.

Grand Place, Brussels

Grand Place is that grand and it’s really crowded with tourist take impossible selfies. I even thought it was too much and I live in London!


Rue Neuve 23-29

1000 Bruxelles



De Markten Café

Rue du Vieux Marché aux Grains 5

1000 Bruxelles


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