Daily routine

One of my favourite things about working as a translator from home is the flexibility that comes with it. I can sleep in, taking breaks when I need to, but most of all having a daily routine when I get up.  I got really used to it!

Bed linnen: IKEA 

I found out that having a ‘me time’ first thing in the morning has helped me a lot into being able to focus more on my work afterwards.

First of all, I prepare a big cup of Ristretto from Nespresso and do some reading (Wilson by Daniel Clowes).

After that, I always (but, like ALWAYS) put on some drops in my face of this amazing Tea Tree Anti-imperfection Daily Solution from The Body Shop.

And there is nothing better like to listen to music and sit in front of the Sun (Spring is finally showing up in Sweden!). Of course, I need my daily dose of inspiration and I end up scrolling through Pinterest for 15-20min.

Sweater: El Corte Inglés

Leggins: Puma

Socks: Monki

It always comes to find moments for yourself and if you are as busy as I am, maybe mornings are the best time to have your ‘me time’.


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