¡29º cumpleaños!

Hacía muchos años que no celebraba mi cumpleaños con mis más cercanos amigos –prácticamente desde que el destino me trajo a Inglaterra hace cuatro años– y tener la oportunidad de tener a mis tres mejores amigas en casa por unos días para que descubriesen la ciudad en la que vivo Seguir leyendo

Tapas Brindisa Shoreditch

“Morriña” is the perfect word to describe how someone might feel when far from the home country or even their hometown; it is something like “homesick” but you also might miss your town’s people, food or lifestyle. I felt very nostalgic last Saturday and I had morriña, so I unlocked Seguir leyendo

Broadstairs beach day

It’s too hot –I mean it and I speak from the bottom of my heart. To spend weekends in the city feel like a medieval torture to me. The only options are to stay inside a museum –those that are well air-conditioned such Tate Modern or V&A Museum, to drink Seguir leyendo

Crosstown Doughnuts & Coffee

I must admit that I love to eat healthily but I also like to treat myself a bit from time to time. Last Saturday, I was at home and opened DOJO to check where I could have a nice coffee nearby home and then I saw Crosstown Doughnuts & Coffee Seguir leyendo

Where to have brunch in London; Black Truffle

Spring is officially here and I couldn’t feel happier that enjoying the not-so-cold weather last Sunday than going to have brunch in North London. I didn’t doubt to research a bit on the Internet et voilà! I found it and decided it; I will go to Back Truffle. I took Seguir leyendo

La Colmada

There were so many things I missed from the Spanish cuisine and one of them was having nice cheese and wine in a quite but trendy place. Luckily I could fulfill this desire going to La Colmada deli in Madrid to enjoy nice and awesome value-for-money cheese, saucisson and a spectacular Seguir leyendo