Broadstairs beach day



It’s too hot –I mean it and I speak from the bottom of my heart. To spend weekends in the city feel like a medieval torture to me. The only options are to stay inside a museum –those that are well air-conditioned such Tate Modern or V&A Museum, to drink cold cava in the park such Green Park or leave London seeking asylum at the beach. That’s how I ended up in Broadstairs last Sunday to spend the day laying like an upside down turtle in the sand.


The town is not especially pretty or charming but the beach is, by far, one of the best ones I have visited in the UK; it isn’t crowded if you go to the beach close to the golf club and the sand is very clean.



As soon as I arrived in Broadstairs, I bought some cold spring water and juicy fruit to tackle the heat wave and headed to the beach. It’s amazing how friendly and welcoming the people in the town are! The lady at the fruit stand gave me some tips on where to go. Take a note: Firstly, go to the Viking Bay which is a bit crowded but you will have your first bath there and then head to the beach close to the golf club –remember that!– and what to avoid; you better not have your lunch close to the beach.

Fish & Chips in Broadstairs




It was a great day and I have a nice fish and chips (second time I order fish and chips in my life. Not bad…) at Aqua 43. Once again, the waitress was very kind and friendly and she told me that I ought to visit the town again for the Folk Week which seems to be a big event!

What are your weekend runaways when it is too hot in the city, guys? Tell me what’s your plans when you cannot deal with the hot weather in the city!



Polo – H&M | Swimming trunks – Topman | Shorts – Zara | Sandals – Office




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