It is such a joy to take a train on a Sunday morning to leave the city for a few hours and being able to actually have a sunny day to enjoy a short trip to Birmingham. I was this lucky.

park birmingham

birmingham channels

Birmingham’s channels remember me to Camden Town’s somehow yet it wasn’t crowded and the area was very tidy and peaceful.

Yorks cafe birmingham eggs benedict

If you want to have a very nice brunch in Birmingham like we did, please don’t doubt and stop by Yorks close to the train station; the place is very cosy and charming. Not to mention its delicious eggs Benedict!

monocle magazine

There’s nothing like taking a train for a short day out of fast pace London with a very nice magazine –you all might know I love reading Monocle and I completely loved the March issue and its special report about South Korea.


29/30 Stephenson Street

B2 4BH


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